If I didn’t try this my life wouldn’t have changed.


Almost there… sort of…

Wow! Didn’t realize that Tumblr on my phone would post the picture so huge. I figured I’d just make an arbitrary post while on the road, guess not. Anyway, my sister and I are waiting at the airport right now. Boarding in about 20 minutes and supposed to be leaving in a bit under an hour. This feels so surreal!


Bubble pictures are hard D: Me left, her right.

By the way, my sister corrected me earlier: She sleeps better on Christmas Eve.

Well, gonna pack up the laptop now, we’ll probably use this tumblr more often and I’ll try to refrain from making posts on my phone with unimportant information and pictures from here on out. Bye!

On our way to the airport! We’re so pumped! I guess my sister was so excited she couldnt sleep last night. It’s like Christmas Eve!

On our way to the airport! We’re so pumped! I guess my sister was so excited she couldnt sleep last night. It’s like Christmas Eve!

And the winner is….


I actually got the notification email while I was working on a school project that’s due tomorrow. Needless to say, I became incredibly distracted. I’ve been waiting two hours for this to be officially announced because I had this underlying, dreadful feeling that the email was some cruel joke.

My sister and I are already sorting things out, I’ve got all of next week off for work, and I’ll probably need to return all of my textbooks so that I can actually graduate, which will probably be the day after my return. Best graduation present ever.

Thank you Hamza and Destructoid!

Day Four

We got up extra early and finished the ‘O’ and ‘DESTRUC’ and part of the ‘T’ until we ran out and realized we had to buy even more forks.


And this is what we finished before we left.


We watched some Dexter and after I went to work my sister and Mark picked up more forks and finished it. Without me unfortunately.


My sister also took another picture in the B&W mode, which turned out pretty nice: http://i55.tinypic.com/2i0rnt3.jpg

Fork count: 2,600+

I got off early, though, so we were able to stop by before the sun went down and were surprised to see my friend had returned home! We weren’t expecting her back from her camping trip until Tuesday. Apparently she was very impressed with our work.

We took advantage of this opportunity and asked her to take some pictures for us, unfortunately, they weren’t that great. Plus, it was pouring at this point.image

For the use of her backyard, we cleaned it up, too, after we got all of our pictures. It was sad. And Very rainy.


Until we were left with only…image

Three garbage bags full of forks.

Fork count: 0

Day Three

We started a bit later today, so we didn’t get to the house until about 1:50-2:00PM. I took a picture of the work Brittany and Mark got done last night before we began today’s work.


It took them one box of 500 to finish the outlining and ‘N’.

The left part of the ‘Y’ was a bit funky and the ‘v’ part of it wasn’t really deep enough, so we fixed that first. Thankfully, it was only sprinkling this time. At around 2:20PM we had used all of the 1,000 forks left from last night.


All we have to finish is the ‘O’ and then ‘Destructoid’. Even if we had more forks we would have probably left anyway considering I worked again at 4PM today. We got an episode of Dexter in beforehand, though.

I work at 12:00PM tomorrow so we’re getting up early to finish and take our final picture. I’m crossing my fingers right now! I’ll probably pee my pants if we win.

Here’s a better picture my sister took with the camera.


Fork count: 1,900

Day Two

My sister (Brittany) bought 1,500 more forks while I was at work and both her and our friend (Mark) got to the house at around 9:45PM and finished the ‘N’ and the outlines of ‘YKO’ at around 10:30PM while I was at work. They unfortunately couldn’t get a picture because it was too dark. I’ll get a picture tomorrow morning before we start and after we finish for the day, though.

Fork Count: 900

Day One

So today was our first day of forking.image

Just as we had gotten to the house it started pouring, at the end of May. Determined to win the passes, my sister and I continued anyway. My friend, hoping for a share of the prize, also helped us. He had a coat better fit for the weather, too, though. Hmm…


400 forks (all of our forks) and a half an hour later we were just about finished with the ‘N’. We underestimated and overestimated a couple of details. We overestimated how long it would take us, but we underestimated how many forks we would need. Tomorrow, my sister will hopefully pick up some forks while I’m at work and we plan to knock, at least, the ‘Y’ out by tomorrow.

We originally planned to do a white foreground with red forks for the “NYKO” and red foreground with white forks for “Destructoid”, but we checked four different stores and they all only had white or clear forks. I was disappointed, but now seeing how many forks the ‘N’ required, I think it’s for the best we scrapped that idea…

Fork Count: 400